Detail and Movement

Mariners Falls_Great Otway National Park Canon 5D camera and Canon 180mm f3.5 Macro L series USM lens. Exposure Details: 1/2 second @ f16 ISO 100

Mariners Falls is a lovely and easily accessible waterfall a short drive out of Apollo Bay, a major town along the Great Ocean Road. Photographers can usually move quite close to the cascade and, thereby, use tight framing to concentrate the viewer’s attention on the water itself and the ferns, rock and fallen tree that surround it.

I love the way the black-and-white rendering of the scene emphasizes the rich dark tones and textural qualities of the scene. The flowing water looks particularly luminous surrounded by the deeply shaded background. A 1/4 second shutter speed was employed to introduce the notion of movement within the still frame.

Image processing was conducted in Adobe Lightroom 2 and Adobe Photoshop CS4.

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Glenn Guy, Blue Sky Photography
Glenn Guy