Evening Wanderings in Bangkok

 Here's some pics from an evening photo walk I undertook in and around Sukhumvit, a popular tourist area in Bangkok, Thailand.

The sickly sweet artificial light washes these relatively banal locals in a surreal quality of light bringing concrete structures to life and heightening the color of the already candy-colored taxicabs.

 By putting in the miles, walking through public parks and sides streets alike, you get to see a variety of sub-cultures within the city. Just off Sukhumvit I've discovered areas frequented by Muslim (mainly Indian and Africans), Japanese, Korean and German tourists.  And, of course, you get a glimpse of how local Thai folk, from a variety of social-economic demographics, go about their day.

The images in today's post were all taken from a walkway above the Sukhumvit/Asoke Intersection close to where I'm staying.

I had originally wanted to stay in a quiet, green part of town. On my next visit I may have more luck. I am in a comfortable boutique hotel with very nice staff, but there's only so much of a busy city area I can abide without losing interest.

The night shoot was a good test for my new Leica M9 camera. For what its worth I'd only shoot above ISO800 with this camera if the alternative for hand-held photography was a loss of sharpness or the required depth-of-field. The images in this post were made at between ISO400 and 800 and, hand-held, at Shutter Speeds between 1/8 and 1/60 second. Watch your ISO carefully as, with this camera, my own initial experience suggests that noise is certainly reduced by the 1/3 stop reduction in ISO from 800 to 640. Given that, Adobe Lightroom 3 includes very good noise reduction which I've employed, when appropriate.

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