Decorations in the Snow_Huangshan_China

Canon 5D Mark II camera and Canon 24-105mm f4 L series lens @ 40mm. Exposure Details: 1/25 second @ f11 ISO 400.Wandering along a step mountain path in dull, grey light I suddenly came across this welcoming scene on Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) in Eastern China. The bright red decorations were indeed a welcoming site as they indicated my hotel was not far away.

It's amazing how much these highly saturated objects stand out against the basically colourless background. In China red is a most auspicious color. Considered a lucky color China Red or Vermilion is symbolic for good fortune, joy and happiness. Interestingly the colors black and white which, together with the color grey, are balanced quite equally throughout this scene. In Chinese culture black and white, placed together, symbolise the harmony of opposites expressed in Yin and Yang.

This was a very straightforward image to produce. The composition was based around the red decorations and the pathway through the trees. Interestingly the red decorations appear to fill a similar space in the frame to the pathway. Yet they are positioned opposite each other, in the top left and bottom right of the frame. One is rounded, delicate and floating. The other solid, hard and grounded. Again, it is through the contrast of opposites where harmony occurs.

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