Photography Allows Us to Record and to Remember

A sensational sunset over a distant mountain range, just off highway 1, in southern Iceland

It will be a long road to process and publish the best photos from a busy year of travel. I've been traveling, predominantly overseas, for 5 out of the last 10 months, undertaking photography projects in Argentina, Antarctica, South Georgia Islands, China, India, Thailand, Bali, France, Iceland, Greenland, Russia, Austria and Belgium.

I have indeed been fortunate witnessing and photographing calving glaciers, mass concentrations of people and wildlife, extraordinary beautiful landscapes, grand palaces and museums, charming medieval towns, quiet country roads, picturesque farmhouses, evocative graveyards and a wide range of fascinating people. I've photographed under pre-dawn light, at sunrise, throughout the day, sunset, afterglow, twilight and beyond, well into the wee hours, only to start the cycle again.  Many projects will come from this large body of work, all to be announced over coming months on this site.

It's 6 years ago today, the last day of winter in the Southern Hemisphere, since my dear dad died. It's a good day for me to stop and reflect on his life and his many achievements. While a gifted sportsman Fred's legacy is a life of devotion to the needs of others. In particular many decades of work for and amongst the less fortunate in our world, both at home and overseas. Most of all I remember my dad as the loving and caring life partner to my mum, Mary, and as a devoted father. He never, ever let me down.

So, on this most important day, I think about the past and focus on the future. In many ways its been a difficult year but, nonetheless, a year where I've had more control over my own destiny than had been the case previously. As the inevitability of my own mortal clock continues to wind down I'm evermore aware that there are no excuses and that I am in control of my own destiny.

I've been so fortune to have undertaken such a full and heavy travel schedule during this past year. I did make the most of it. Now I need to be true to the mission of this blog and focus on sharing those images, and the lessons learned in making them, with an ever wider audience. In doing so it is my hope that a little of that sublime magic I've experienced along the way will find its way into your own life and inspire you to undertake your own photography projects. In doing so, your own connection with the beauty that surrounds us can only be enhanced.

The above photo was made during July 2011 on my first day traveling around Iceland. It was an exceptionally beautiful sunset, over a distant mountain range, just off Highway 1 in Southern Iceland. It's interesting what thoughts pass through ones mind, along with the urgent considerations relating to actually making the photograph, when confronted by such spectacular scenery. You don't feel so much apart from nature, more a part of it. I believe it's in moments like that, as we link with the ultimate mystery, that we begin to discover our own true selves.

It's also interesting how, as we get older, loss becomes one of the dominant themes in our lives. There have been numerous times in my life, when witnessing events such as the above sunset, that I've thought of my parents.

Today's post is dedicated to my dad, Fred Guy OAM.

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