St. Thomas Mount on my Final Night in India

This image was made shortly before I headed to the airport on my last night in India during February 2011. It was a warm, balmy night and I was atop St. Thomas Mount on the outskirts of Chennai (Madras) in south eastern India.

The mural on the wall is, of course, a scene from the Last Supper. I like the contrast of the cool blue night sky against the warm neon of the cross and the mural itself. The eye moves around the frame from the cross to the sky and then down to the mural.

I'd been photographing kids in a catholic church orphanage earlier that day and was visiting with some of the staff prior to heading out to the airport for my late night departure.

It was a Sunday night and an open air mass was being conducted. It was interesting that the mass seemed to consist almost entirely of hymns, which was kind of nice. The songs were all in Tamil, the dominant language of Southern India, so I'm unable to comment on the words or the message contained with those songs. But under that clear sky, on that last balmy night in India, it didn't really matter. The music and the gentle fervor of the congregation was quite beautiful and a lovely and somewhat unexpected way to bid farewell to India.

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