New Great Ocean Road Panoramic Portfolio

panoramic black and white photo of approaching storm on the beach at Gibson Steps, Great Ocean Road, AustraliaHasselblad X-PAN camera and Hasselblad X-PAN 30mm f5.6 lens

I wanted to draw you attention to the latest edition to the portfolio section on this site. It's a collection of images made in various parts of Australia, but predominantly along the Great Ocean Road in south eastern Australia. The photos are all film-based and made with the Hasselblad X-PAN and X-PAN II cameras. Most images were made with the beautiful Hasselblad X-PAN 30mm f5.6 lens.

The above photo was made just after sunrise on the beach at Gibson Steps, just down the road from the famous Twelve Apostles. I very much enjoy photographing at the edge of the day (sunrise and sunset) and on the edge of changes in weather. And its when you combine the beautiful color and quality of light at the edges of the day with on coming weather fronts that the spectacular unfolds in front of you. With luck you'll be able to make a great photo and get back to the car dry. The question is, granted one, which of the two would you choose.

I love the texture and shapes in the foreground rocks and storm-laden sky. And, like most folks, I'm a sucker for still images that record the flowing beauty of moving water. This photo also displays a definite foreground, mid ground and background which extends the illusion of 3-dimensional space within the image.

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