Sunset above hot springs, Iceland

Geysers and creek at sunset, IcelandCanon 5D Mark II camera and Canon 24-105mm f4 IS L series lens @ 24mm. Exposure Details: 2 seconds @ f11 ISO 100 It All Begins by Being There

I think its fair to say that getting up and out is a good beginning to making a great photo. When it comes to landscape photography an iconic location is certainly helpful. And Iceland has iconic locations in abundance. But even more important is good light and, to be able make a great photo, you've got to be on location when the light is right.

The above photo was made in the early hours of the morning as the geysers expelled steam from beneath the earth. The steam is colored by the light which is also reflected from the clouds above back down onto the surface of the creek in the front of the frame. The tiny yellow flowers add extra color and a sense of positivity to what might otherwise be quite an eerie scene. As it is this photo is quite a nice swirl of color, light and texture.

Now for the Secret
For me the best part about making this photo was that by being there, at this pretty location under gorgeous light, I was able to slow down and tap into the ryhthms surrounding me. And that's really the point of this short article. You can't actually be there without first being there. And a good way to start is just to B.

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