Winters Day, Arrowtown, New Zealand

A black and white photo made on a lovely winters day along the tree-lined creek in Arrowtown on the South Island of New ZealandNikon D800e camera and Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 lens @ 18mm. Exposure Details: HDR Composite 1/80 to 0.8 second @ f8 ISO 100

Now this is what the life of the travel photographer should be like. Good food, gentle light, a pleasant stroll and a lovely, tree lined creek. Oh, did I mention the food.

I'd just had a lovely, inexpensive meal sitting out the front of a Thai restaurant in Arrowtown on the South Island of New Zealand. After a quick walk up the main street and a short drive around town I found a walking track by the creek which I followed up as far as a footbridge which crossed over to the other side. It was great fun and I made numerous photos that afternoon.

The Problem

While seemingly simple the above image contains a number of fairly complex elements. On one hand there's grass, water and trees. But, certainly in the original color version of the image, I felt that the quantity of trees, branches and undergrowth produced an overly complicated scene.

The Solution

To make for a simpler image I opted for a black and white rendering and positioned myself in such a way to emphasize the repetition of the over hanging branches and the 3 dimensional aspects of the scene. Or course the black and white rendering also highlights the wonderful textural qualities of the image.

I think you'll agree this relatively simple approach has made a potentially overly complicated scene into a quieter and more successful image. I hope you like it.

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