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Park, Salzburg, Austria. Canon 5D Mark II camera and Canon 24-105mm f4 L series lens ISO 100 1/15 second @ f11

I launched the initial version of the Travel Photography Guru site, albeit under a different name, on 1 January 2009. So, in less than a month, I'II be celebrating the site's fifth birthday.

Growing Up

It's grown to become quite a substantial resource with hundreds of posts, many of them quite significant articles, covering a variety of genres (e.g., landscape, portrait, documentary, film stills, travel), techniques (e.g., exposure, flash, high dynamic range photography) and elements of composition.

I write in a personal style, covering a range of topics of interest to photographers, professional and enthusiast alike, and am constantly striving to enhance the visual appeal of the site. I endeavor to publish compelling articles that are informative and interesting to read and I work hard to explain relatively complicated concepts in as simple a manner as possible.

As always any comments or feedback you may have on this site are appreciated.

Alchemy Unveiled

I'm of the belief that, for photography to be fun, it must be demystified. This notion has underpinned by approach to teaching the art and craft of photography for many years.

The site's interface is now close to what I'd envisaged and I hope you've noticed an improved experience when viewing the photos and reading the posts. This should be particularly evident within any of the Photo Galleries on the site, where each photo can be viewed nice and big without any unnecessary clutter surrounding it.

You'll also benefit by clicking on any photo within my regular blog posts. A single click on the photo will enlarge it and allow you to explore so many of the nuances (e.g., fine detail, shape and color) that would otherwise be lost in the smaller version. 

News Flash

I'm really excited to say that my long awaited photography podcast will be launched before the end of the year. What's more, new photo galleries are only a week or so away. The reason for the delay posting these galleries to the site is due to a new system of embedding particularly identifying metadata into the photos. I've been exploring ways to embedded that data, as a part of my regular workflow, and will share my findings as soon as I'm able. This is yet another example of the value the Travel Photography Guru site offers to other passionate and aspiring photographers.  

Partner With Me

Over the years I've invested literally thousands of hours into this site. It hasn't always been easy, but it's become a major passion and a fantastic education. I remain committed to my goal of sharing the joy of photography and the beauty of our nature world and its people with an ever-wider audience. Put simply, that's my mission. I hope you'll partner with me on this most wonderful adventure.

However, to keep up with such a busy schedule, in addition to regular teaching responsibilities, and continue to grow the reach of this site through podcasts and other ventures I need to ask for your assistance.

I’d like to draw your attention to the HELP ME button on the top right hand side of the site's navigation bar or, if you prefer, to the DONATE box near the top of the sidebar on the right hand side of this site. By making a donation you will have a direct and immediate impact on my ability to continue to grow the site and its related ventures and, thereby, help me realize my mission. A mission that I want you to be a part of.

I hope you won't mind if I see your donation as an expression of your appreciation for the work I’ve done and as a contribution to the continuation of this site, and the good work it does, into the future.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru