Where Has Summer Gone?

statue of warrior holding severed head at Peterhof Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia

statue of warrior holding severed head at Peterhof Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia

Well friends, I'm back.

It's been around 8 weeks since I posted on any kind of social media, including this site. Rather than traveling, photographing or holidaying (something I don't really do) I've been absolutely flat chat. And it's been a real hoot.

The reality is that, while the popularity of this site continues to grow, I receive less visitations on my site during December and January. I posted frequently up till a week before Christmas but decided that it was time to focus my attention, for at time, elsewhere. It's important to break the mould, and move away from your usual daily rythmn every now and again. After all, how else would you know whether you're using your time well and making the most of your opportunities.

Am I Right?

Change is constant and it can also be good, particularly when you're the one implementing that change. The trick is to make changes that are in line with your core beliefs, values and desired outcomes. That can only help you stay true to yourself and your greater purpose in life. Am I right!

It Feels Good!

So from the middle of December up until 7th of February I've been flat chat on a project. And, depending on final approval, it's finished!!!!

I'd say I worked on the project, often 12 + hours per day, for all a days during that time. And that included Christmas, New Year, my birthday and a visit to a sick friend. Anyway it was a fantastic experience to be almost completely immersed in a creative project. Hard work to be sure, but a wonderful learning experience and a great outcome. It feels good!!!

Nothing Fires the Spirit like Success

I should be able to share the full details of the project with you all when it becomes public. In the meantime I've already commenced work on a new project.

What's more I'm now back to blogging, albeit on a less frequent basis than I have in the past. Over the last 5 years I've probably managed to blog 2 out of every 3 days. Yes that have been times when, during extended photography expeditions, that was not possible. But the facts are there. It's just a matter of dividing the number of posts on this and my previous site by the number of days to point to the amount of content posted during that timeframe. And it averages out at around 2 posts every 3 days.

I'm unsure as to whether I can or even should continue posing at that rate into the future. My current thinking is that it might be better to post say 3 times a week and divide the rest of my free time between larger projects and other social media endeavors that I plan to announce over the next month or so.

The fact is that there are many ways that folk can connect and abosrb information over the web. Blogs are great, but it's time to branch out into other areas and the reality is some folks prefer to connect outside of the blogesphere. I think it's time Travel Photography Guru began to transition from a blog/website into more of a brand. The trick is to be fluid and remain responsive. That's bound to keep it fresh and fun. What do you think?

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