Photographing Flowers in Kakadu National Park, Australia

I made this photo of beautiful flowers at sunset near Kakadu National Park, Australia.

Here’s a photo from a few years back. It was made way back in 2007 while I was working on a commercial job photographing stills for a TV documentary on the environment filmed in a variety of locations around Australia.

When Lightroom Was Rubbish

I’d been a serious photographer for many years, but was relatively new to a full digital workflow. I was using my first DSLR camera, a Canon 5D, and Lightroom Version 1.0 which had been on the market for less than 5 months. It wasn’t all that stable back then.

In fact I was never able to download more than 13 images before it crashed causing me to have to continually restart the computer. As a result a heavy day’s photography was followed with a very late night importing and backing up the images. It was a tough ten day shoot, but great fun just the same. Thankfully workflow has improved dramatically since those days.   

Know Your Limitations

This particular image was made in the grounds of our hotel in Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory.

Kakadu is a beautiful and wild environment. I’ve been there twice and, each time, was very conscious of all the things there that could kill me. Nevertheless, it’s a great place to visit so long as you exercise basic common sense.

I simply cannot understand while some tourists choose to swim in waterholes and rivers ignoring the signs warning of crocodiles. That’s just nuts!

A Nice Reward

I remember waiting with other members of the crew for our evening meal. We were all outside sitting around picnic tables cooling off after a very hard day working on location. The sun began to set and I immediately began looking for a photo opportunity.

I was rewarded with this intimate view of some flowers in the hotel garden. Such a simple image, yet one of my favorites from the trip and a nice reward after such a long, hard days work.

I guess the lesson here is that, no matter how tired you feel, the day’s not over for the landscape photographer until the lights gone. And even then flash and night photography possibilities come to the fore.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru