Which Camera to Buy?

As technology brings discernable quality improvements, consumer expectations become higher. So, even if you'd like to hang onto your camera longer, as a professional photographer your customer base may not take you seriously if you're using older equipment. It's a fact that many professional photographers today buy the most expensive cameras they can, not just because they're better than less expensive models, but also because they are perceived to be better by their customers. It is expected that professional photographers use the best equipment available.

Unfortunately, in some quarters, it can still be a big ask for a female photographer to be taken seriously. Imagine showing up at a wedding, as the professional photographer, with equipment no better than that owned by the groom or, for that matter, the driver of the bridal car! It shouldn't matter, providing you can use what equipment you have well and have the necessary people handling, creative and technical skills. Sadly, professionalism is not just about knowledge and behaviour. It's also about perception and knowing how to 'walk the walk and talk the talk'. This is particularly important for the young, less experienced photographer. So, sadly, many aspiring photographers may feel the need for their kit to include equipment the customer doesn't have, hasn't seen before or can't afford. It's pathetic, but a reality for many working photographers!

Glenn Guy