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Hello Friends,

I'm back. And I'm sorry that It's been so long since my last post. Regular visitors to this site will know that such a lengthy delay is most unusual for me. Many of you have probably wondered what had happened to me and if I'd given away blogging.

The fact is that I've been extremely busy with a number of projects, the results of which I'II be happy to announce to you over coming weeks. To begin with you'll notice I've completed re-engineered the look of this site. I wanted to make it more visibly attractive though, of course, content will remain king. You can be sure that I'II continue to do the best I can to produce great posts that are informative, interesting and based around great images.

Some Much To Tell Your About

Over coming weeks as I finish building the site you'll also notice that it's no longer just a blog/portfolio site, but a hub offering a direct gateway between my blog, portfolio and information on the range of photography courses and workshops I run. What's more a range of new educational products will be announced soon. I couldn't be happier!

There's some exciting editions to the site which I'II share with you just as soon as I can. (Although a look around the site will give you all the clues you need). This is a major upgrade that's been a long time coming and something I'm quite proud of. In fact upgrading this site and putting together the range of projects and products that I'II be announcing soon is what's kept me away from blogging and up into the very wee hours 7 days a week since the beginning of December, 2012. I completely missed summer, barely seeing the light of day, and have continued on almost without respite ever since.

Get Your Toes Wet

It may be a few more days before I'm in a position to start blogging again on a regular basis, but there's plenty to keep you going in the meantime. 

New Home Page

You'll notice a brand new Home Page. It's not finished yet, but most of it's up and running. You might like to dip your toes in by checking out some of the links on the home page. 

Extensive Photo Galleries

You'll notice significant improvements to both the quantity and appearance of my Photo Galleries. This is an ongoing project, with loads more galleries to be added over time. It's very exciting!  

So thanks to all for your patience during my hiatus. I'm sure that after a few weeks this new site will be well and truly settled down and functioning beautifully. It is my aim to provide you with an enhanced visual and learning experience and, thereby, share my passion for photography and the beauty of our world and its people with an ever wider audience.

I look forward to taking the journey with you. 

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Glenn Guy