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Glenn Guy the Travel Photography Guru pictured at a photography workshop in Central Victoria, Australia

Well, does it bet any better than this? OK, its true on occasions I'm prone to exageration. But the fact is, as a photographer, I have precious few photos of myself. I'm usually the bunny behind the camera.

How about you? Do you feature in a sufficient number of photographs to help tell your own life's journey. Or, like me, do you tell your story by what and how you photograph?

There are numerous reasons why its good for a photographer to be photographed. Here's some"

  • you start to appreciate what you've been putting other people through
  • its a great way to share your experiences with family and friends
  • it can be handy to spread your name or brand via social media
  • it helps folks get to know the person behind the tweets, vids and posts
  • it forms part of your legacy, by which you are remembered

Fortunately I undertook a mid-year photogrpahy exhibition with my friend Joseph San Laureano to Iceland and Greenland. I made sure I made a number of good pics of Joseph and, thankfully, he reciprocated. That should make my old mum happy.

Lets say you take 10,000 photos in a year. (Many folks take many more than that). You should be able to reach a stage where you end up with 100 very good (portfolio) images and, from there, 10 collectable works. In truth it would be better to re-edit those numbers down from 100 to between 10 and 20 (because who's got time to look at 100 photos?) and collectables from 10 down to a maximum of 6.

I think that's the sort of standard for which we should all aim. And, as we get better, its not so much the numbers, but the quality of our images (and standards) that are raised.

Well if we're in a position to make 10,000 photos a year, surely we can find a way to get 10 half decent pics of ourselves. I think that's another goal for which we should also aim. And our mums will likely thank us.

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