Photographing Quiet and Solitude in Ilulissat, Greenland

This contemporary black and white photo depicts the quiet solitude of a huge iceberg near Ilulissat, GreenlandCanon 5D Mark II camera and Canon 70-200mm f4 L series IS lens and Canon 1.4x Extender @ 280mm. Exposure Details: 1/60 second @ f8 ISO 100.

This image provided a bit of a challenge. I wanted a graphic result, yet still wanted to retain the sense of quiet and solitude I experienced while photographing this iceberg just out of the town of Ilulissat in western Greenland.

Way above the arctic circle Ilulissat has the feel of a wild west town that really adds to the travel experience. The outskirts of town is where you'll find hundred's of huskies. Lining either side of the road they make for a musky environment as you pass by. And they bark all night. The more aggressive dogs are secured with ropes or chains so, as long as you don't invade their space, I doubt they'll present any problems.

I even saw a few lads wandering around the centre of town with rifles over their shoulder. Like fishing, hunting is an important part of local, inuit culture, particularly during winter months. But, as these guys were Danish and it was high summer, I took them for a couple of posers.

The sky in this particular rendering is much darker than was the case. After all I was working during the time of the midnight sun. I'm simply having some fun and will likely repurpose this image to explore a variety of looks and moods over time. And today I opted for a brooding, eerie mood.

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Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru