Seasons Greetings From The Guru

Christmas Lights, Bellarine Peninsula, Australia

Boy oh boy, what a crazy time the last six weeks or so have been. It’s funny how many of us use the upcoming Christmas/New Year break as a motivation to catch up on all those jobs, essential and aspirational, that just didn’t get done during the year. It’s a stressful time but, I’d have to say, that it works for me!

This time around I’ve been able to resolve a number of really tricky problems and either finalize or significantly advance a number of major projects. And I’ve learned quite a bit along the way.

Photographing Christmas Lights

The above photo is from my archives. Made in December 2006 with my first digital camera, the Canon 5D, and a Canon 24mm f1.4 L series lens. The aperture was set to f22 and the ISO to 200 so as to achieve the exposure time of 10 seconds which was what I needed to be able to move the camera, in  a circular motion, during the exposure. It's a wonderful concept to record movement within a still photo. And it's yet another example of how it's possible to make great photos at night without a tripod or an extremely high ISO.

Attention Zombies and Gouls

You may have noticed my new eBook titled Photographing Cemeteries - Transience, Transformation, Transition. I’m really quite proud of it and I’m very happy to be able to make it available to you through my new online store.

Beautiful Greeting Cards

If you were to check out the store you’ll also see a range of Panoramic Greeting Cards featuring my portfolio images from Australia’s iconic Great Ocean Road. All of the images were made, with film, on a now discontinued panoramic camera. That explains the long and thin proportions of the images.

This is old school photography without any crazy cropping or Photoshop hocus pocus. By the way, do any of you remember the song Hocus Pocus by the Dutch band Focus? It’s from my childhood and features some crazy yodeling. I used to get a real kick out of saying Hocus Pocus by Focus. But then it was, long ago.

Night Photography Workshop

The other option currently available in my store is my next Night Photography in the City of Melbourne Workshop scheduled for January 7th. It’s a brilliant time of year for night photography and I hope you’ll be able to join me.

Ongoing Site Re-Design

I’m just wrapped at a number of design changes I’ve just completed to the Home page of my site. Some of the changes are also evident in the right hand sidebar on most other pages through the site.

It’s nothing incredible, such a number of subtle changes that have produced a cleaner, less cluttered and more visually dynamic designed that’s even more focused on images. I hope you like it!

Forget Resolutions I Know What’s Coming

There are a number of additions and improvements to the site that I’ve been hinting at for some time. Let’s review what’s coming and when:

Information and Training Videos

I’m back to making You Tube videos (over recent days) and you can expect shorter and far more regularly produced videos, which will also be featured on this site, from early January onwards.


It’s been an ambition of mine for the last couple of years to produce great podcasts. I’m finally ready and, after a bit of study over the break, expect to have my first of an ongoing series of regular podcasts recorded and released during January.


I’m really happy to announce a special newsletter, sent to you by email, will be launched late December or early January. This newsletter is quite special as it will include, amongst other things, information not posted on my website or blog. And it’s just for you, you soon to be a subscriber you!

Photography Workshops

I’m an old hand at running specialty photography workshops. The first of my latest series of workshops will be advertised late December. It’s a full day Adobe Lightroom Workshop which will be run during January 2014.

A number of other specialty photography workshops will be announced around the same time.

Which Camera To Buy?

This is a Free information eBook that will be released in February 2014. The basic text and design is all but finished. However there’s still a lot of work to be done to bring it up to date with a number of brand new cameras, some of which aren’t yet available in stores.

Portfolio and Print Sales

I was offering print sales from many of the images appearing on this site. The company I used to facilitate this important feature was sold and their focus has changed to the extent that they’re no longer right for me. I am investigating another option and hope to be able to, once again, offer print sales on this site within the next month or two.

Needless to say I’m still selling prints but, rather than it occurring automatically via my online store, folks tend to approach me with all manner of enquiries via email.

Extended Portfolios

I have a large number of images, from various countries around the world, ready to be added into new portfolio and gallery collections. The world of the professional photographer has become ever more difficult. One example is copyright. In my case, after a great deal of research, I’ve decided to go down the Creative Commons path. But, it’s one thing to adopt Creative Commons and quite another to build it and the necessary permissions and protections it provides, consumer and photographer alike, into your everyday workflow.

I have a few last legal and workflow issues to resolve before I’m in a position to dramatically enlarge my onsite portfolios. But I expect to be able to so by the end of January, which is around the time I plan to include a major re-design and relaunch of the portfolios on this site. 

Learn Photography

I frequently run one-on-one photography classes and coaching sessions and am happy to offer a New Year Special on this service throughout the month of January. Just click HERE for details.

Best Wishes for the Festive Season

I’m heading off to my dear old mum’s place in Hamilton, Western Victoria for a few days break over the Christmas period. As such, there won’t be any new content added to this site until, at least, the weekend.

Lastly, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support over the years. This site has become quite a substantial resource of beauty, inspiration and, I hope, knowledge for many thousands of good folk around the world. I’m pleased to say that, over the next few months, it will finally have the structure and features that I envisaged several years ago. It’s an exciting time and I hope you’ll stay with me on the journey.

I pray that the Christmas and New Year period is one of happiness and joy for you and your family. May it also be a season free of war, natural disaster and oppression, and may the disadvantaged and disposed find peace in their lives. The one thing a new year always promises is hope, but it’s folks like you and me that turn hope into reality. Join me by changing the world, one photo at a time.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru