Glenn's Camera Kit

Stunning Cloudscape over bay in Western Greenland 

As outlined in My Life in Cameras I've owned many camera kits over the years. The need to move from one kit to the next has been driven by a variety of concerns including the following:

  • Ever higher degrees of quality
  • Changing preferences in format (i.e. rectangular and square)
  • Changing technology (i.e. film to digital) 

During this journey I've had to chew on and digest a few pills that have proved to be very hard to swallow. The major financial compromise associated with moving from recently purchased 35mm and medium format camera kits to a new digital system was certainly tough. More recently replacing my Canon 5D Mark II camera and six excellent lenses with a new Nikon D800E kit was also difficult.

Canon to Nikon

So why make the change?  It's all about that never ending search for quality. I consider the Nikon D800e camera to be capable of delivering the highest quality possible of any 35mm-like DSLR camera, currently available, for the kind of photography (particularly landscape and architecture) I most often undertake. Clearly, it wasn't a matter of brand bias. It was a totally logical decision. Although my bank manager may not agree with that statement.

It's All About Contrast

While the high pixel count of the Nikon D800e points to its ability to produce big prints of stunningly quality, it's the technology associated with the camera's sensor that allows it to record detail, in shadows and highlights, under relatively high contrast conditions that separates this camera, and its sibling (i.e., Nikon D800), from all other cameras in its class. Paired with the excellent highlight and shadow sliders in Adobe Lightroom 5 the ability to produce high quality results, from images made under high contrast conditions, has never been easier.

What About Four-Thirds? 

I've looked closely at the Four-Thirds (i.e., 4/3) format. While there are great Four-Thirds cameras from Olympus and Panasonic I'm not convinced that this smaller format is right for the work that I do.

My Current Camera Kit

I've become a huge fan of mirrorless cameras and believe that, for most folks, they represent the future over the short to medium term. But I remain a full-frame advocate which currently reduces my options to Sony.

I was very happy to acquire a Sony A7Rii camera in addition to Sony/Zeiss FE 16-35mm f4 and Sony/Zeiss FE 24-70mm f4 lenses in late 2015. I'm extremely happy with the functionality of this new system and the results are excellent.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru